Insentient Multitude Sentient Assemblage


A stable state of boundaries between human, substance and image is not possible in this inevitably uneven landscape resulting from entangling human desires to harness others through knowledge and technology.…Dead skin cells, grease and dirt which fall off from human’s constant scratching and digging are repeatedly merging in a moist atmosphere, a mixture of water and electricity. With habitual rubbing movements of human fingertips, their volume gradually accumulates, and in some way stirs the biofuel oozing out of the ground as well as clasts of rocks. Fragments of memories are shared and stretched in dead skin cells, coming and sticking together like a group of tubifex worms in sewers that continuously pulsates and traces metallic residues. Neither human nor object, such a compound keeps picking up all kinds of color glue, oil paint, coatings used in the machinery for reproducing and distributing images, and newly-shed dead skin cells, which fabricates and sculpts a rough, bizarre, grotesque and congee-like landscape.